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How to Maximize Temperature Control and Privacy of your Sunroom

Sunrooms are a great addition to almost any property, provided there is enough space for one. Even if you don’t have a large backyard, you can turn your existing porch / deck into a sunroom. It’s a room which requires some consideration in order to enjoy optimal light and heat during its times of use. A sunroom is another dwelling space where you might have some valuables. You may be wondering how to secure and protect those valuables from both the natural elements and/ or theft.

Sunrooms are durable, but if you want to enjoy them to the fullest and secure them as well as maximize the lifespan of your sunroom, we encourage you to check out our next few tips on how to maximize temperature control and privacy of your sunroom.


Tinted Windows or Screens

Probably one of the simplest methods to block out excess heat is tinting your windows. Some sunroom owners prefer to only tint the top of their windows and use screens which adjust how much sun the room gets at any given time. If you tint your windows, it is permanent until you remove the tints. A low-level tint is recommended in most cases because it will still allow most of the sun/heat in but give you a sense of privacy. You can also use low-E glass coatings which will still let plenty of sunlight in while protecting you from the most harmful UV rays and heat. Additionally, it helps protect your furniture. Tints are great when planned and applied correctly.


Blinds are an affordable feature you can add to your sunroom to help optimize the temperature. Blinds can be fairly simple and give you good control over how much sunlight you want to allow into your sunroom, thereby controlling the heat on some of the hottest days. Enjoy the light while filtering some of that heat and provide an additional layer of privacy. Installing blinds is also a great way to show your creative side and refresh the look of your sunroom. It really is one of the top choices when it comes to light/heat control as well as privacy.


In the warmer months, the hot air from outside can cause a stuffy atmosphere inside and not only makes for an uncomfortable setting but can also cause damage to your valuables as well. Installing a ceiling fan and / or standing fan will assure proper air circulation so the hot air doesn’t linger and make you feel suffocated. Ventilation is key when it comes to sunrooms/solariums. You do not want all of that hot air “standing” in one place, making it impossible to breathe in your sunroom and risking the state of your furniture. Ceiling fans or standing fans also push hot air out of the room through vents to eliminate the problem altogether. Proper ventilation is an inexpensive but necessary component of your sunroom in order to control the temperature during those hot summer days.


During the summertime overheating is not the only concern for sunrooms. This is the season when you will encounter the most bugs and other pests in your space. In order to minimize / stop insects from making their way into your sunroom, you should properly seal your windows and screens. Decent sealant will not only ensure uninvited insects stay outside but also help insulate the room better, keeping the temperature exactly how you like it. Additionally make sure to check your screens for any tears or small gaps.


Understandably, security can be of great concern to many when it comes to protecting your home. Therefore it is very important to properly lock your sunroom whenever you are not using it. You do not want uninvited guests to enter nor do you want the elements like wind to potentially blow the door open. A proper lock can help keep your sunroom safe when you’re not around.


Additionally a basic security camera with motion sensors and infra-red can give you peace of mind when you’re not home but want to keep an eye on your property. Cameras can also act as a deterrent to criminals who may be looking for ways to enter your home. Security cameras are very affordable nowadays and usually come in a bundle so you can use them around you house as well allowing you to feel safe and protected at all times. Another option is to install an audible sensor alarm on the top of the door and when the door is open, a loud screechy alarm will sound, once again deterring anyone trying to enter.

4 Cost Effective Ways to Cool Down Your Sunroom and Add Some Privacy

Sunrooms are a great investment for most properties. During the summer months, it tends to get hotter in your sunroom. That is because it is mostly made of glass or glass-like material which allows much more light to enter. Many of these windows are meant to balance the heat levels but at the end of the day, you have a big magnifying glass right under the sunny skies, it will get hot.

There are several great tips which are very cost-effective for sunroom owners turn to in order to enjoy the optimal temperature in their sunrooms even during the hottest months of the year. Let’s explore some of them together. These are some of the most common methods which are most effective.


It may seem funny to suggest blinds or curtains for a room which is meant to let the light in. Luckily there are so many types of fabric and levels of thickness as well as transparency to choose from when it comes to curtains and different designs for blinds. You could also opt in for shades, instead. You can pick just the right type of blinds for your sunroom and reduce the level of light you’re letting in which will cause some of the heat to bounce back. If you don’t like the style of blinds, you can always choose the right curtains. They add a great level of privacy as well. When it comes to curtains, some people prefer this option as there are more color and design selections. Choosing white semi-transparent curtains will cause the heat to bounce back while still letting a decent amount of light inside while adding a sense of privacy.

Ceiling Fan

It is important to circulate the air in your sunroom which will bring an atmosphere of freshness and help your sunroom feel cooler with the addition of the blinds/curtains. If you didn’t install a ceiling fan, it is a good idea to bring in a couple portable fans which will aid the air to blow upwards and out the vents in your ceiling. Natural circulation is not expensive but very effective.

Tint or Insulate the Windows

Some of us prefer to go for a more permanent solution. You know the level of light and heat you’re looking to enjoy within the perimeters of your sunroom and you don’t want it to ever go higher than that. In this case, tinting or insulating the windows is the perfect solution. Choose between tinting the windows and/or the windowpanes for a bit of a custom result, based on your exact needs.

Install a Zoned System

While it is the most expensive option on this list, it is still not too pricy considering you already invested in a sunroom and this could be considered as part of the investment after having it built. It will consume more energy and the unit will cost more than a ceiling or portable fan but a Ductless Mini-Split unit will be a great solution rather than extending your HVAC system. Set your ideal temperature in your sunroom as opposed to your home temperature and enjoy a higher level of control with quicker results.

We hope we helped inspire you with these cost-effective solutions to cool down your sunroom and even add a level of privacy and a nice design to it. We are here for free consultation and to help you build your dream sunroom or upgrade a current one!

Which Sunroom Fits Your Lifestyle?

There are so many different styles of houses out there; Detached, Semi Detached, Bungalows etc. Each comes with different yard spaces and overall designs. Due to these varying styles and differences, Eastern Shore Sunrooms has a convenient selection of Sunrooms which will fit any lifestyle and property. Here are four sunrooms options available when you choose us to upgrade your home.

Screen room Model 100

This is a great option for anyone who loves spending time in their backyard but is often driven indoors due to bugs/pests and high winds with flying debris. With a sturdy aluminum construction and durable screens, you can move your gathering to the backyard and enjoy your time out there free from those outside annoyances. If ever you wish to add aluminum or glass railings or upgrade to a Model 200, it is not only possible but simple to do!

Sunroom Model 200

One of our most popular sunrooms includes the WeatherMaster Vertical 4-Track Vinyl Windows. If you liked the Model 100 but would like something which feels and looks more like an enclosed porch for higher level of protection from stronger weather elements as well as to be able to control the sunlight coming in, this is the choice for you!

Sunroom Model 300

This 3 Season sunroom is a valuable upgrade to any home. Its highly sturdy construction uses 2” extruded aluminum with single glazed glass and is practically a maintenance free exterior due to the rigid design. Higher customizability with aluminum framed double roller windows offer ventilation from either side of the window and this flexible design is suited for roof styles ranging from cathedral ceilings, contemporary studio, over deck to carport enclosures!

Sunroom Model 400

The model 400 is our 4-season sunroom and features high density foam insulated walls that keep desired temperature stable while maintaining a low-energy bill. It has an even sturdier design with 3” aluminum extrusions which offer very strong support in any type of weather. High Efficiency Glass with Low-E Argon adds further protection from the elements. This sunroom can be used as a guest room or any kind of room you would like it to be, under the bright sun or the beautiful starry night!


Which one will it be? We are here to help you decide. Contact us for a free quote and let us answer all of your questions!

Endless Possibilities for your Sunroom

A sunroom is a creative addition to your home that brings so many possibilities including quality time with your loved ones or even by yourself. Kick back with a book and a beautiful throw on the sofa and let the sunlight warm you up ever so gently, bringing a soothing feeling no matter what the weather outside looks like.

A sunroom can be your small oasis within your home. Most people decorate their sunrooms the way they would decorate a cottage or a guestroom, but the options are limitless. It is a place which represents warmth and joy to you and your loved ones so have fun making it uniquely yours.

Maybe you want to set up a beautiful library themed room for the avid reader, letting you escape the noise and enjoy your favorite authors. You can get lost in your books without being interrupted by whatever is going on in your home while sitting next to a crackling fireplace.

If you’re a musician, our thermal sunrooms will keep your instruments warm and safe and you can create a studio to use for practice or to offer lessons to others. Use your sunroom to entertain and play for guests, be it family, friends or for your business and create a room dedicated to the art of Music.

The Model 400 Thermal Sunroom has high density 3″ foam panels keep this room warm and comfortable and the heavy gauge 3″ aluminum extrusions offer strong support for wind, water and any other element. All extrusions have commercial grade thermal breaks reducing condensation and heat loss. All windows are high efficiency glass with Low-E Argon gas adding one more level of protection from the elements.

If you love gathering with others but wish to stay home yet bring an unforgettable experience; invite your friends for tea/brunch or plan your business meetings in your sunroom. Dazzle your family and friends with this new addition to your home which raises its value and allows you to enjoy living more comfortably.

Our sunrooms are highly customizable, and include features which elevate your mood and increase productivity. A sunroom is right for everyone. Don’t let the seasons dictate what you can and cannot do. Get a unique and professional sunroom addition and enjoy life in comfort of your home.

4 ways to Use Your Sunroom during the Holidays

The holidays are a magical time of year in which family and joy are top priorities for many. There are countless ways to relish in the magic of the Christmas spirit but taking advantage of your additional space and using your sunroom to bring more joy to your holidays is a must. Here are 4 ways to use your sunroom during the holidays.

Deck the halls…or rather, deck the sunroom. Whether you have the space for it in your living room or not, setting up your Christmas tree in your sunroom and decorating the room can create a whole new feel for the holiday season. You can put up strings of lights or include floral arrangements and décor to add some Christmas cheer. You can use your sunroom to create a beautifully decorated space for enjoying the Christmas season with your family.

Speaking of family, for many people entertaining extended family often comes hand in hand with the holidays. The holidays are a time when families come together to celebrate. Why not use your sunroom to bring your family closer together this year? Take advantage of the extra space and set up a sitting area to be enjoyed by all or better yet add a dining table and use the space to host your holiday dinner this year. Maybe you have a very large family and your sunroom isn’t quite large enough for everyone to eat in there but it could be the perfect size to host the kids’ dinner table.

Maybe using your sunroom for dining isn’t what you envisioned. That’s okay, how about using it for play? Having extended family over for the holidays can be wonderful but often a bit chaotic if there are kids in the family.  Why not set up a playroom for the kids in your sunroom? Allowing the kids their own space to use for the gathering can often provide some much needed relief for the parents who want to enjoy some adult conversation while also keeping an eye on the kids.

Enjoy some self-care time this holiday season by cozying up in your sunroom with some soft blankets and taking advantage of the peace and quiet. Or better yet, put on some Christmas music to add a little holiday cheer. Everyone knows the sunroom is the best place in the house to sit with a nice cup of hot chocolate and indulge in that warm and festive feel. Add a good book to the mix and you have yourself the perfect place for a staycation this holiday season.

4 ways to turn your outdoor space into a staycation paradise

Over the course of the last two years for many people our backyards have become our sanctuaries thanks to lockdowns and social distancing. Here are four ways to turn your outdoor space into a staycation paradise.

Gain versatile square footage with a new DECK. A deck forms the floor of an outdoor room with enough space for all-weather furniture to create the perfect space for entertaining evening cocktails with friends in the warmer months. Be sure to keep everyone safe with a properly installed railing. Opting for glass railings will present unobstructed views of your beautiful yard, are more aesthetically pleasing, and provide both safety and elegance.

Generate shade with a PATIO COVER. Feel the breeze while being shielded from UV rays and rain with the addition of a patio cover. Designed to offer protection from inclement weather and harmful UV rays, without blocking the natural light, patio covers help transform your space into a place you’d love to hang out all day long. Add some string lights and this becomes the perfect backyard oasis all evening long.

Blend indoor and outdoor living and retreat to all an all-season SUNROOM as it provides a calming, airy place to unwind. The perfect addition to your home Sunrooms can be enjoyed all year long. Consider it like a sunny version of your living room that invites in ideal views of the outdoors through large windows. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, and relax all afternoon. A great sunroom can easily become the most well-loved room in your home and it can expand the space and make your home feel even larger.

There are endless ways to create another living space outside, such as adding a PORCH ENCLOSURE. Even a front porch can feel like an extra room and you will be adding beauty, comfort and style to your space while increasing the functionality and value of your home. If you enjoy the open air feeling of your porch or deck but want protection from the bugs, harmful UV rays, dust and rain a porch enclosure is the perfect solution.

3 Uses of a Sunroom

Adding space and increased value to your home is simple with the addition of a new sunroom. Aside from the obvious benefits, what can you actually do with that added space besides using it to entertain? The options are endless! Consider what’s lacking in your home, and what would most benefit your family’s lifestyle. Read on for 3 popular, practical ideas on creating your new favorite room in the house!

Exercise or Meditation room

Everyone knows exercise is good for our health and so is Vitamin D from sun exposure. What could be better than getting both at the same time? Turn your newly added sunroom into a home gym and reap the benefits of exercising all year long without ever having to leave your home – while getting safe exposure to sunlight. These are two of the most important factors in helping to alleviate symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and both can be easily achieved by setting up your Sunroom as an exercise or meditation space. Much like exercise, meditation can be help to alleviate stress and anxiety and can help to improve sleep and focus. Sun Salutations never sounded so good!

Create a home office space

With the current state of the world, millions of people have found themselves recently working from home. Having a home office is increasingly necessary to separate home life from work life and to reduce distractions and noise from the rest of house. What could be better than having a warm bright office with a view to the outdoors where you can focus and get your work done?

Turn it into a green room

Do you have a green thumb? Love to grow plants and bring new life to your home? A green room is the perfect way to capitalize on the sunlight and extra space in your sunroom. Not only do indoor plants offer beautiful scenery for your home, they are great for improving air quality and they offer a variety of benefits for you such as improved mood, energy and mental focus. Not to mention the added perks that indoor gardening brings such as reducing depression, anxiety and stress and providing healthy plant foods you can utilize in the kitchen. Salad anyone?!!!

Sunspace by Eastern Shore Sunrooms is your exclusive local source for Sunspace Sunrooms and WeatherMaster Porch Windows and Doors. Get in touch with us by phone 910-274-1900 or email  for a free estimate on creating your new favorite room in the house!