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Elevate Your Living Space

Porch Enclosures by Eastern Shore Sunrooms in North Carolina’s Charming New Bern

When it comes to expanding your living space while reveling in the stunning North Carolina landscape, porch fill-ins by Eastern Shore Sunrooms are a game-changer. Whether it’s the brisk winter or the picturesque fall, these versatile enclosures provide the perfect blend of comfort, style, and panoramic views.Proudly serving New Bern and surrounding areas, Eastern Shore Sunrooms offers a seamless solution to transform your existing porch into a year-round sanctuary, effortlessly integrating WeatherMaster windows for an exceptional living experience.


Embracing North Carolina’s Climate: The Ideal Winter and Fall Sunroom Haven

New Bern, with its charming coastal landscape and moderate climate, provides an idyllic backdrop for enjoying the beauty of every season. The colder months bring a gentle nip to the air, making it the perfect time to enhance your porch and embrace the cozy comforts of a porch enclosure. Eastern Shore Sunrooms’ porch fill-ins, featuring WeatherMaster windows, create a barrier against the elements while allowing you to bask in the surrounding vistas. Imagine sipping hot cocoa on a winter afternoon, immersed in the beauty of the serene water nearby.


Seamless Installation with WeatherMaster Windows

One of the standout features of Eastern Shore Sunrooms’ porch enclosures is the ease of installation. Our WeatherMaster windows, known for their versatility,  can be seamlessly incorporated into your existing porch structure. This means you can quickly transform an underutilized outdoor area into a functional living space that’s perfect for relaxation, entertainment, a mud room or workout space. 


Versatility Redefined: Endless Possibilities for Your Enclosed Porch

What sets Eastern Shore Sunrooms’ porch enclosures apart is their remarkable versatility. A porch enclosure isn’t merely an extra room—it’s an extension of your lifestyle. With the expansive views of North Carolina’s natural beauty right outside your windows, your enclosed porch can serve as your personal haven. From a serene reading nook where you can lose yourself in a novel while enjoying the changing leaves of fall, to a lively space for hosting friends and family during the holidays, the possibilities are truly endless.


Unveiling the Scenic Beauty of New Bern

As your porch enclosure becomes a part of your daily life, the breathtaking views of New Bern’s landscape become an integral aspect. The glistening waters of the Neuse River, the historic charm of downtown, and the lush greenery that surrounds you—all become a part of your living experience. The WeatherMaster windows ensure that these views remain unobstructed while you stay comfortably protected from the elements.


Whether you’re looking to unwind in the winter’s serenity or relish the vibrant colors of fall, your porch enclosure will be your haven. Eastern Shore Sunrooms’ commitment to quality, combined with the ease of WeatherMaster window installation, guarantees an unparalleled living experience. So, as the seasons change and the landscape transforms, your porch enclosure remains a constant source of comfort and beauty in the heart of New Bern’s captivating scenery.