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Keeping Your Sunroom Cozy this Holiday Season

As the seasons change and temperatures get a bit cooler, it’s that time of year when we may not spend quite as much time outdoors. Enjoying your thermal sunroom space is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoor views comfortably. Making your space feel comfortable and cozy during holiday entertainment is always easy by adding simple home decor trends. 


  1. Keep a basket or blanket ladder handy with plaid throw blankets and cozy knits. Keeping throw blankets easily accessible for guests while entertaining in the winter months makes a midafternoon hangout or nap so much more comfortable. Curling up in the warmth of a throw blanket while playing board games or enjoying a sunrise with a cup of coffee in hand are simple, but enjoyable and memorable experiences. 


  1. Choose soft materials for your throw pillows that are easy to fluff up and stay warm when sitting beside or laying on. Fabrics like chenilles, knits and flannels are a great way to add warmth and ultimate cozy vibes to your space. 


  1. Add natural accents to your room. Incorporating simple accents like wood bowls, a unique driftwood art piece and large pinecones; can add a woodsy and rustic feel to a room. 


  1. Get playful! Board games and cards are a mus thave. Whether you display them or tuck them away in a drawer, having boardgames on hand when entertaining guests is a must. Children and adults alike love to cozy up and gather to play a hand of Uno or a round of Scrabble. Having easy to access entertainment sets a relaxed feel for your guests and of course, a little friendly competition throughout the holidays is never a bad thing. 


  1. Add a little shimmer and shine. You can never go wrong with twinkling lights. Whether you have beautiful green foliage on a mantle or a Christmas tree in the corner, adding twinkle lights to your space during the holidays adds a little bit of magic and whimsy to any room. If you don’t have any live plants or Christmas trees in your space, consider adding birch branches and dog wood to an urn and twisting twinkle lights in them.


Incorporating these ideas into your sunroom decor will add festive flare and coziness to your sunroom this winter. Don’t forget to have hot cocoa or cider on hand to warm cold hands, it’s always the perfect finishing touch.