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5 ways to entertain in your sunroom this summer

Summertime is all about enjoying activities outdoors. No matter what the activity, we always want to make the best out of the beautiful bright and sunny days.
Sitting on a patio having a drink or a meal, enjoying your favorite book on the bench in the park, or simply spending time with loved ones and enjoying the outdoors are all favourite pastimes of summer.

What if you could bring all of that to your backyard? Check out these creative ways to spend time together this summer? Here are five of the many activities you can host in your sunroom this summer:

Host a BBQ
Summer is meant for BBQing. Once all the food is ready, take it into your beautiful sunroom and enjoy the food and drinks away from the pesky bugs and other elements. Enjoy the sunshine in a controlled environment.

Board Game or Poker Day
Some of us like to gather with family or friends to play our favorite board game or host a poker night. Host a fun event inside your sunroom, without the wind blowing your cards away, trying to swat the mosquitos, or without boiling in the sun, because as much as we love the summer, it can get really hot sometimes. Control your environment to your liking while enjoying the outdoors on a summer day.

Having a Drink with friends
Move that pricey hangout from the patio in the restaurant to your own backyard venue. Whether you have a sunroom or a covered patio; you can host Happy Hour for your friends at a fraction of the cost in the privacy of your own home. Moving your Party from inside your house to the beautiful outdoors in your sunroom can be a special experience as well. Have it your way whenever you want as often as you want. Also! no lines to the bathroom!

Host your Book Club
Spice it up by moving your book club to your backyard but still sitting on the comfortable couch or around a dinner table all while enjoying the outdoors. Don’t let the pesky bugs or weather elements distract you from your favorite author.

Host a Birthday Party
Enjoy a super unique birthday party in your backyard without making a mess of your home while keeping your guests comfortable in your Three or Four Season Sunroom! Decorate it for the special day and easily transform it back to the way it was once everyone leaves. Those birthday pictures will look much more beautiful under natural sunlight! Easy, fun and unique!
Entertain your friends and family in your sunroom this summer and bring the outside inside whatever the occasion.