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How to Maximize Temperature Control and Privacy of your Sunroom

Sunrooms are a great addition to almost any property, provided there is enough space for one. Even if you don’t have a large backyard, you can turn your existing porch / deck into a sunroom. It’s a room which requires some consideration in order to enjoy optimal light and heat during its times of use. A sunroom is another dwelling space where you might have some valuables. You may be wondering how to secure and protect those valuables from both the natural elements and/ or theft.

Sunrooms are durable, but if you want to enjoy them to the fullest and secure them as well as maximize the lifespan of your sunroom, we encourage you to check out our next few tips on how to maximize temperature control and privacy of your sunroom.


Tinted Windows or Screens

Probably one of the simplest methods to block out excess heat is tinting your windows. Some sunroom owners prefer to only tint the top of their windows and use screens which adjust how much sun the room gets at any given time. If you tint your windows, it is permanent until you remove the tints. A low-level tint is recommended in most cases because it will still allow most of the sun/heat in but give you a sense of privacy. You can also use low-E glass coatings which will still let plenty of sunlight in while protecting you from the most harmful UV rays and heat. Additionally, it helps protect your furniture. Tints are great when planned and applied correctly.


Blinds are an affordable feature you can add to your sunroom to help optimize the temperature. Blinds can be fairly simple and give you good control over how much sunlight you want to allow into your sunroom, thereby controlling the heat on some of the hottest days. Enjoy the light while filtering some of that heat and provide an additional layer of privacy. Installing blinds is also a great way to show your creative side and refresh the look of your sunroom. It really is one of the top choices when it comes to light/heat control as well as privacy.


In the warmer months, the hot air from outside can cause a stuffy atmosphere inside and not only makes for an uncomfortable setting but can also cause damage to your valuables as well. Installing a ceiling fan and / or standing fan will assure proper air circulation so the hot air doesn’t linger and make you feel suffocated. Ventilation is key when it comes to sunrooms/solariums. You do not want all of that hot air “standing” in one place, making it impossible to breathe in your sunroom and risking the state of your furniture. Ceiling fans or standing fans also push hot air out of the room through vents to eliminate the problem altogether. Proper ventilation is an inexpensive but necessary component of your sunroom in order to control the temperature during those hot summer days.


During the summertime overheating is not the only concern for sunrooms. This is the season when you will encounter the most bugs and other pests in your space. In order to minimize / stop insects from making their way into your sunroom, you should properly seal your windows and screens. Decent sealant will not only ensure uninvited insects stay outside but also help insulate the room better, keeping the temperature exactly how you like it. Additionally make sure to check your screens for any tears or small gaps.


Understandably, security can be of great concern to many when it comes to protecting your home. Therefore it is very important to properly lock your sunroom whenever you are not using it. You do not want uninvited guests to enter nor do you want the elements like wind to potentially blow the door open. A proper lock can help keep your sunroom safe when you’re not around.


Additionally a basic security camera with motion sensors and infra-red can give you peace of mind when you’re not home but want to keep an eye on your property. Cameras can also act as a deterrent to criminals who may be looking for ways to enter your home. Security cameras are very affordable nowadays and usually come in a bundle so you can use them around you house as well allowing you to feel safe and protected at all times. Another option is to install an audible sensor alarm on the top of the door and when the door is open, a loud screechy alarm will sound, once again deterring anyone trying to enter.