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4 Cost Effective Ways to Cool Down Your Sunroom and Add Some Privacy

Sunrooms are a great investment for most properties. During the summer months, it tends to get hotter in your sunroom. That is because it is mostly made of glass or glass-like material which allows much more light to enter. Many of these windows are meant to balance the heat levels but at the end of the day, you have a big magnifying glass right under the sunny skies, it will get hot.

There are several great tips which are very cost-effective for sunroom owners turn to in order to enjoy the optimal temperature in their sunrooms even during the hottest months of the year. Let’s explore some of them together. These are some of the most common methods which are most effective.


It may seem funny to suggest blinds or curtains for a room which is meant to let the light in. Luckily there are so many types of fabric and levels of thickness as well as transparency to choose from when it comes to curtains and different designs for blinds. You could also opt in for shades, instead. You can pick just the right type of blinds for your sunroom and reduce the level of light you’re letting in which will cause some of the heat to bounce back. If you don’t like the style of blinds, you can always choose the right curtains. They add a great level of privacy as well. When it comes to curtains, some people prefer this option as there are more color and design selections. Choosing white semi-transparent curtains will cause the heat to bounce back while still letting a decent amount of light inside while adding a sense of privacy.

Ceiling Fan

It is important to circulate the air in your sunroom which will bring an atmosphere of freshness and help your sunroom feel cooler with the addition of the blinds/curtains. If you didn’t install a ceiling fan, it is a good idea to bring in a couple portable fans which will aid the air to blow upwards and out the vents in your ceiling. Natural circulation is not expensive but very effective.

Tint or Insulate the Windows

Some of us prefer to go for a more permanent solution. You know the level of light and heat you’re looking to enjoy within the perimeters of your sunroom and you don’t want it to ever go higher than that. In this case, tinting or insulating the windows is the perfect solution. Choose between tinting the windows and/or the windowpanes for a bit of a custom result, based on your exact needs.

Install a Zoned System

While it is the most expensive option on this list, it is still not too pricy considering you already invested in a sunroom and this could be considered as part of the investment after having it built. It will consume more energy and the unit will cost more than a ceiling or portable fan but a Ductless Mini-Split unit will be a great solution rather than extending your HVAC system. Set your ideal temperature in your sunroom as opposed to your home temperature and enjoy a higher level of control with quicker results.

We hope we helped inspire you with these cost-effective solutions to cool down your sunroom and even add a level of privacy and a nice design to it. We are here for free consultation and to help you build your dream sunroom or upgrade a current one!