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Endless Possibilities for your Sunroom

A sunroom is a creative addition to your home that brings so many possibilities including quality time with your loved ones or even by yourself. Kick back with a book and a beautiful throw on the sofa and let the sunlight warm you up ever so gently, bringing a soothing feeling no matter what the weather outside looks like.

A sunroom can be your small oasis within your home. Most people decorate their sunrooms the way they would decorate a cottage or a guestroom, but the options are limitless. It is a place which represents warmth and joy to you and your loved ones so have fun making it uniquely yours.

Maybe you want to set up a beautiful library themed room for the avid reader, letting you escape the noise and enjoy your favorite authors. You can get lost in your books without being interrupted by whatever is going on in your home while sitting next to a crackling fireplace.

If you’re a musician, our thermal sunrooms will keep your instruments warm and safe and you can create a studio to use for practice or to offer lessons to others. Use your sunroom to entertain and play for guests, be it family, friends or for your business and create a room dedicated to the art of Music.

The Model 400 Thermal Sunroom has high density 3″ foam panels keep this room warm and comfortable and the heavy gauge 3″ aluminum extrusions offer strong support for wind, water and any other element. All extrusions have commercial grade thermal breaks reducing condensation and heat loss. All windows are high efficiency glass with Low-E Argon gas adding one more level of protection from the elements.

If you love gathering with others but wish to stay home yet bring an unforgettable experience; invite your friends for tea/brunch or plan your business meetings in your sunroom. Dazzle your family and friends with this new addition to your home which raises its value and allows you to enjoy living more comfortably.

Our sunrooms are highly customizable, and include features which elevate your mood and increase productivity. A sunroom is right for everyone. Don’t let the seasons dictate what you can and cannot do. Get a unique and professional sunroom addition and enjoy life in comfort of your home.