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4 ways to Use Your Sunroom during the Holidays

The holidays are a magical time of year in which family and joy are top priorities for many. There are countless ways to relish in the magic of the Christmas spirit but taking advantage of your additional space and using your sunroom to bring more joy to your holidays is a must. Here are 4 ways to use your sunroom during the holidays.

Deck the halls…or rather, deck the sunroom. Whether you have the space for it in your living room or not, setting up your Christmas tree in your sunroom and decorating the room can create a whole new feel for the holiday season. You can put up strings of lights or include floral arrangements and décor to add some Christmas cheer. You can use your sunroom to create a beautifully decorated space for enjoying the Christmas season with your family.

Speaking of family, for many people entertaining extended family often comes hand in hand with the holidays. The holidays are a time when families come together to celebrate. Why not use your sunroom to bring your family closer together this year? Take advantage of the extra space and set up a sitting area to be enjoyed by all or better yet add a dining table and use the space to host your holiday dinner this year. Maybe you have a very large family and your sunroom isn’t quite large enough for everyone to eat in there but it could be the perfect size to host the kids’ dinner table.

Maybe using your sunroom for dining isn’t what you envisioned. That’s okay, how about using it for play? Having extended family over for the holidays can be wonderful but often a bit chaotic if there are kids in the family.  Why not set up a playroom for the kids in your sunroom? Allowing the kids their own space to use for the gathering can often provide some much needed relief for the parents who want to enjoy some adult conversation while also keeping an eye on the kids.

Enjoy some self-care time this holiday season by cozying up in your sunroom with some soft blankets and taking advantage of the peace and quiet. Or better yet, put on some Christmas music to add a little holiday cheer. Everyone knows the sunroom is the best place in the house to sit with a nice cup of hot chocolate and indulge in that warm and festive feel. Add a good book to the mix and you have yourself the perfect place for a staycation this holiday season.