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3 Uses of a Sunroom

Adding space and increased value to your home is simple with the addition of a new sunroom. Aside from the obvious benefits, what can you actually do with that added space besides using it to entertain? The options are endless! Consider what’s lacking in your home, and what would most benefit your family’s lifestyle. Read on for 3 popular, practical ideas on creating your new favorite room in the house!

Exercise or Meditation room

Everyone knows exercise is good for our health and so is Vitamin D from sun exposure. What could be better than getting both at the same time? Turn your newly added sunroom into a home gym and reap the benefits of exercising all year long without ever having to leave your home – while getting safe exposure to sunlight. These are two of the most important factors in helping to alleviate symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and both can be easily achieved by setting up your Sunroom as an exercise or meditation space. Much like exercise, meditation can be help to alleviate stress and anxiety and can help to improve sleep and focus. Sun Salutations never sounded so good!

Create a home office space

With the current state of the world, millions of people have found themselves recently working from home. Having a home office is increasingly necessary to separate home life from work life and to reduce distractions and noise from the rest of house. What could be better than having a warm bright office with a view to the outdoors where you can focus and get your work done?

Turn it into a green room

Do you have a green thumb? Love to grow plants and bring new life to your home? A green room is the perfect way to capitalize on the sunlight and extra space in your sunroom. Not only do indoor plants offer beautiful scenery for your home, they are great for improving air quality and they offer a variety of benefits for you such as improved mood, energy and mental focus. Not to mention the added perks that indoor gardening brings such as reducing depression, anxiety and stress and providing healthy plant foods you can utilize in the kitchen. Salad anyone?!!!

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